EMACOP Consulting offers high and effective consulting and business network services for national and international companies wanting to maximise growth and market penetration in the fast growing Angolan economy.

One of the main factors hampering successful business by foreign companies in Angola is the language barrier. Not knowing how to speak Portuguese in a country like Angola and not having a translator is business suicide. All the members of EMACOP are Portuguese speaking and facilitate negotiations and understanding between the parties through translations during meetings, conference calls, socials, etc.

Our mission is to facilitate the successful achievement of strategic goals and objectives for all our clients. We offer a high level of practical experience and field knowledge in areas such as:

  • Marketing;
  • Logistics;
  • Business partnerships;
  • Commercial Law;
  • Mergers & acquisitions; and
  • Project management.

In addition, we have an extensive network and strategic relationships with key players in the Angolan mainstream industries.

We co-ordinate all travel and accommodation arrangements for our clients travelling to Angola, thereby offering a one stop destination for our valued clients.

Contact Details 

EMACOP Consulting Services Ltd

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Cape Town/South Africa
Tel: +27 21 556 3912
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Cell: 073 540 5026

Angola Map

Located on the West coast of Southern Africa, Angola was under colonial rule until November 11, 1975, the date on which it became an independent nation.

The country is divided into 18 provinces, Luanda being the capital. With a total of 4,837 Km long borderline, Angola is bordered with Congo-Brazzaville at the Northern province of Cabinda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (former Zaïre) to the North-East, Zambia to the East, and Namibia to the South.


Angola has an Atlantic Ocean coastline of 1,650 Km long. The country's major ports include Luanda, Lobito, and Namibe. The country's highest peak is Mount Moco, 2,620 m high, located in Huambo province. With a privileged continental hydrographic system, Angola's main rivers are Kwanza, Zaïre, Cunene, and Cubango.

The Kwanza (Kz) is the national currency.